How can university students care for their hair during a busy daily routine?

How can university students care for their hair during a daily busy routine

University students have a busy routine that often doesn’t allow time to go to the salon. However, there are ways to maintain clean and healthy-looking tresses, even with the tightest schedules. Several DIY hair-care techniques will help university students keep their locks looking their best despite their busy college schedules. Among these are DIY dry shampoo, Face wipes, and scarves.

DIY dry shampoo

Making your DIY dry shampoo is a simple and effective way to maintain hair health during a busy day. Using a clean makeup brush or your fingertips, apply dry shampoo to the greasy areas of your hair. Then, massage the roots to absorb and brush out the excess powder. Repeat daily as necessary. Store your homemade dry shampoo in an easy-to-carry container.

DIY dry shampoo is easy to make and can be made using ingredients that you already have in your home. Most of these ingredients are pantry staples. Dry shampoo works by rubbing an absorbent powder onto the scalp. Powders such as arrowroot or cornstarch work best for this purpose. These powders are best applied with a blusher makeup brush. Once applied, dirt and oil particles stick to the powder and come out of the hair when you brush it. Using powdered dry shampoo regularly makes your hair appear healthier and more volumised.

Face wipes

Face wipes are a handy way to care for your hair and skin during a busy day. These wipes are often designed with antibacterial and makeup-removal solutions so you can easily wipe away excess oil and makeup without washing your face. Face wipes can be used at night and in the morning, removing makeup more thoroughly than a traditional wash.

Face wipes are also great for sweaty activities. Whether you’re working out or socialising, facial wipes are useful for keeping your face clean and looking fresh. These wipes are especially useful when you don’t have access to water, such as on long bus trips or flights. Just make sure to use the wipes thoroughly to remove sweat.


One of the best ways to maintain beautiful hair during a busy day at university is to wear a scarf. Scarves can be a great way to protect your hair while providing some style options. Registered nurse Audrey Frattarola demonstrates how to wrap a scarf for different looks.

Scarves can be worn to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. They can be used as stylish accessories during the day and as convenient covers at night. They also provide moisture, which is important for healthy natural hair.

Halo braid

While university life may be hectic, there are a few things you can do to keep your hair in good condition throughout your busy schedule. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use a braid. This style is quick, easy, and will protect your hair from the rain. You can even do this braid in less than five minutes. After you wash and condition your hair, you can twist the braid flat around your head.

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