How Do Students Keep Hair Healthy Without Using Hair Serum?

Most students wash their hair daily, but not all. In Singapore, Chinese female students wash their hair once or twice a day. Malay students wash their hair only once every two days. Other students wash their hair every day. Students seem unaware of the importance of keeping their hair healthy, which can lead to problems with your hair, such as tangles. Fortunately, several ways to keep your hair looking healthy without using hair serum.

Brushes, sprays and mousses keep hair healthy:

The Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab tests hundreds of products every year, from shampoo and conditioners to leave-in conditioners. These scientists try out each new hair styling product that hits the market and determine if it works. Here’s what they found. Read on to discover the best hair serums and products without hair serum. The next time you invest in a hair serum, look for one free of dry ingredients.

Brush your hair:

To apply a hair serum, brush your hair while wet and work your way to your desired style. Use a mousse or spray to add volume and definition for wavy or curly hair. To get a sleek finish, apply a smoothing product on the ends. The ancient Egyptians used hair serum for its benefits, which include strengthening the hair and giving it a healthy shine.

Use a mousse:

Alternatively, you can use a mousse, available in foam form and can be applied to any part of the hair. It is foolproof and can be applied liberally. Don’t worry about over-applying mousse because it won’t leave you with limp, crunchy hair. The mousse’s airy texture makes use easy without the risk of flat hair.

Avoiding tangles:

While hair serums have become increasingly popular, there are still some ways to avoid tangles. Using a lightweight, natural oil on your tresses can help detangle your hair. This can also help to keep it nourished. Jojoba, olive and coconut oils are all good options and will also help protect your tresses from drying out. You can also apply a hair mask to your locks before styling them.

After applying a sealant to your hair, you can gently brush and comb it to prevent tangles. Another way to avoid entanglements is to wear your hair in a loose bun or ponytail instead of leaving it open. Also, do not sleep with your hair up. If you want to wear your hair down, try a soft updo. Try sleeping with your hair tied up in a bun or braid. However, ensure that you do not pull it too tightly, or you may end up with Chignon alopecia.

Using a good conditioner:

A good conditioner after your head bath can also help reduce tangles after shampooing. Dry hair can be tangling, as damaged cuticles are not flat. So, try to use a sulfate-free shampoo, as this will reduce dryness and maximize hydration. You can also use a shampoo with a silicone-based formula to prevent tangles after washing.

Using sprays and mousses:

Using hair sprays and mousses effectively adds shine and a healthy sheen to your hair without having to use expensive hair serums. Most mousses are foamy and quickly disperse throughout the hair from roots to ends. This helps your hair to retain its natural curl memory while leaving no residue. It’s also ideal for fine hair, as it adds hold, protects it from breakage, and tames unruly curls. Hair mousses are easy to use, and many hair stylists recommend one to a client after washing their hair.

Mousse is a versatile product:

Mousse is a versatile product that can be used on all hair types, from thin to curly. This product is foolproof because yOU can use it liberally without weighing down the hair. You can use too much and still have your hair look voluminous. However, it would help if you took note of the ingredients to avoid the risk of making your hair flat or crunchy. You should also avoid talc products, as they can leave your hair feeling sticky or dull.

Alternative to hair serum is hair gel:

Another good alternative to hair serum is hair gel, which is ideal for adding hold and volume. The gel is especially helpful for adding volume and texture to damp hair. It should be applied to clean hair while it’s still wet to ensure a good hold for the day. This product will eliminate any stubborn flyaways and frizz. So, if you’re worried about a lack of hair serum, try hair gel instead.

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